Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology and best practices to deliver to our customer the highest quality flight ready SAE Qualified and specialty bearings.  This is a foundation that allows our team to service, support, and create value for our customers and their demanding Programs.  A process of continuously optimizing our production system will further enhance our capabilities.

Our Vision

The Company has a Service Level Agreement with the Godfrey Guangzhou manufacturing facility in the Zhaoxuan Industrial Area in Dongguan, China, to manufacture aerospace quality self-lubricating and  standard spherical bearings, rod ends and bushings (collectively, “Bearings”). Over 3,000 of these parts (approximately $500,000 worth) are used in every aircraft and must be replaced regularly.

After rigorous testing that demonstrated bearing performance beyond technical specifications, the Company recently passed all qualification requirements for SAE Aerospace Standard 81820 from NAVAIR (U.S. Naval Air Systems Command), the agency responsible for qualifying SAE aerospace parts, and has been placed on the QPL (Qualified Product Listing) as a supplier. As such, the Company is the FIRST and ONLY manufacturer of SAE-certified Bearings in China and one of only seven in the world.

The Company sells our products globally, while taking advantage of "offsets" between China and aerospace OEM's.  The Company employs best practices to provide our customers with competitively priced products within shortened lead-times.  All products are manufactured using US produced raw materials.

Company Values

With over 60 years of experience, TPAC provides full service bearing manufacturing to the aerospace industry by using high quality equipment, tooling, and advanced software technology to fabricate complex spherical bearings, bushings and assemblies. 

Our years of experience, developed production systems, and service based culture offer not only quality, but value and a high level of personalized customer service. Our management structure and business plan are centered around these values.