TPAC Reconstruction Efforts


TPAC has had its hands full with stabilization of its manufacturing, pricing points and market share in the bearing business.

Mr. McKay reassessed TPACs operations and concluded an overhaul was overdue.  Given the demands of his current Board of Directors, Mr. McKay has contracted a group of professionals in Business Development, Finance, and Investors Relations to analyze current operations, recommend new business and financial resource avenues and communicate these changes to shareholders.

TPAC is under reconstruction with efforts to stabilize holdings, manufacturing operations, and stock price.

45-90 DAYS

45-90 days is the time allotted to analyze TPACs structure while implementing new strategies, bring new business and financial structures online and introduce policies and procedures that coincide with these developments.  The current status is that revenue flows are being determined and at the end of 90 days, a solidified outlook of where it will come from will be noted on the timeline. The plan is still being developed however things are going into effect now as we have updated.

Instead of waiting until after the analysis is complete, the new team made a decision to disclose as much information as possible to shareholders.  As significant moves develop or are realized, IR will post.

What happens after 90 days?  A timeline outlining TPACs current operational path will be distributed; most items will be already known to shareholders from the IR updates.


There are four base areas that the reconstruction is built upon: (1) Management, (2) Business Development, (3) Operations, and (4) Finance.

Management is the entire team; CEO Bill McKay, current TPAC Board of Directors and the newly contracted IR, Business Development and FR groups.  Due to the demands of the current Board of Directors, CEO Bill McKay took action to implement the new teams in order to focus on past business dealings and contacts (Boeing, AVIC etc.).

Business Development’s goal is to expand TPAC sales and manufacturing operations in the most cost effective way.  Its focus is new business i.e., TPAC Australia, Southwest Airlines, Bower and other reseller distribution channels.

BDG recognized that TPAC is a haven for the resellers market. These businesses, at present, have the approved scenarios that allow them to resell products to Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and others.  

TPAC can license resellers faster than building new infrastructure -- again no cost outlay just revenue inputs -- and TPAC gets three times the work from all resellers’ customers allowing TPAC to focus on manufacturing output, quality, engineering and sourcing raw materials.

As a business goal, TPAC can consolidate its reseller channel to run more efficient and use it as a premier service platform with a global operational front centralized through a USA Headquarters.

What is Happening in BDG?

  • Negotiating Australia Multi-Million Dollar SLA for New Manufacturing Facility
  • Completed TPAC Australia Licensing Agreement
  • Concluded Supplier Diversity Program Registration with Southwest Airlines
  • CEO Bill McKay meets with AVIC this week to submit Bid Package as well as obtain other Bid Packages directly for the C919 build.

Operations’ goal is to determine how to effectively and efficiently manage manufacturing of products.  This analysis will look at TPACs current output abilities, as well as its resellers manufacturing abilities.  The question here was is it more feasible, given TPACs current capitalization scenario, to continue the acquisition path or direct energy to developing SLAs with established manufacturers looking into gaining additional bearing business market share.  At this stage, BDG’s analysis stated the latter.

What is Happening in Operations?

  • CEO Bill McKay is renegotiating ownership of manufacturing facilities for 36 month SLAs

Finance (USA FR) goals are to stabilize TPAC’s financial condition; establish a secondary regenerative system (MRVB) and research additional funding options such as the EX-IM Bank loan and institutional investments for business opportunities set by BDG. 

It has been asked when the MRVB will start stabilizing price fluctuations.  The MRVB is a customized product, not an off the shelf one.  It needs to be configured, tested and then put in production.  This is a 30 business day process from the application approval process.  To support understanding of the MRVB, USA FR will establish a demo scenario for interested shareholders.  Email

In TPACs reconstruction situation, finance is about when revenue is realized – what happens to it then?  This will be answered as part of the timeline however it has already been stated, one aspect of realized revenue will be the automatic 20 percent set-aside to boost cash on hand.  Revenue offers the ability to keep the stock prices stable and moving in an upward trend.

What is Happening in Finance?

  • Upgraded EX-IM Bank loan application for entrance into the USA-China program.
  • As of May 18, CEO Bill McKay approves to start the application process for the MRVB.


Reconstruction efforts afford TPAC to have a true foundation which requires patience.  News will not be reported every day.  It will just not happen fast.  Building a solid lasting structure takes time.   Finalization of SLAs could take months to price out every component and work out legalese.  All that said the full-on positive effects of a life cycle project such as this can take months.  Efforts from the reconstruction will still be realized into 2017. 

Shareholders will be kept up to date. Meanwhile if there are questions that have not been addressed here or through twitter feeds, email them at