You can create courseware with almost any media; images, video, audio, text, audio, even PDF files. Users can develop multimedia lecture by adding different elements to it such as images, audio, videos, PDF files, and texts. Lectures can contains multimedia files (video, audio, PDF, etc), text that you simply type directly into Teachable, quizzes, or any combination of those. The controls attribute adds audio controls, like play, pause, and volume.. 'How I Use Maschine' Video Course By DDS A video course covering everything from getting started, to completing a full instrumental in Maschine! teachable integrates with many cloud storage platforms and can work with your existing site or you can create content directly on Teachable’s site. For more ideas and goodies visit: A Teachable Year Blog. Don't forget to follow me so you can be updated with newbies and freebies! All of your content, from instructional to testing, can be ordered however way you want them, which is … Create an unlimited number of courses without restriction on the number of students, videos, audio files, and data hosting you need. Teachable allows you to add multiple choice quizzes to any “lecture,” which is how Teachable refers to units of text, files, video, images, and/or quizzes. Experiencing technical issues? → Audio files including meditations, vocal exercises, and mock calls. Join Mary Spender in learning how to produce original music within Ableton Live; an incredibly versatile and intuitive Digital Audio Workstation made for macOS + Windows users.Hosted by Ableton expert and electronic music producer, Rachel K Collier, start your producing journey here. I'M READY! Ana. We've also enriched the list with fantastic learning and inspiration resources, detailed tutorials and articles that will help you bring your creative ideas to life, as well as useful open-source tools and libs - all full with awesomeness. Features Pricing Examples Courses. Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on Pinterest! This includes digital photos, graphics, vectors, video clips, audio files, and sample documents in different formats and saved with different settings. You'll learn how to set up your audio interface to work seamlessly with your computer and REAPER, the digital audio workstation (DAW) software we'll be using throughout this course. The text between the tags will only be displayed in browsers that do not support the